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Saturday, April 17, 2010

nO smOkiNg

Tips to quit smoking

1. Delay
( wait for 5 minutes,or say "later")

2. Take long breaths
Menarik nafas panjang
( slowly breath in 3 times)

3. Drink water
Minum air
( drink boiled water,avoid caffeinated drinks )

4. Make yourself busy
Menyibukkan diri
(Engage in activities to distract yourself and forget about the need to smoke )

5. Distance Yourself
Menjauhkan diri
( From places with smokers )

6. Avoid
Mengelakkan diri
( Places,environments and occasions with smokers )

7. Chew something
Mengunyah sesuatu
( Such as candy or fruits and avoid sweets)

8. Wash your Hands
Membasuh tangan

9. Bathe/ shower often
Mandi dengan kerap

10. Strech Your Muscles
Meregangkan otot
( when feeling sleepy )


12. Prayer
Memohon doa
(pray for resolve and willpower )

Selamat beramal...:)

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